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Substitute PWD

The City of Ingalls is looking for a substitute Public Works employee who will be trained in public water/wastewater services for the City of Ingalls.

This position does not have any set/permanent hours of work but will have the person notified of dates when the Public Works Director will be gone, and they will work those hours for the PWD doing the duties/responsibilities required.

This individual will be trained by the PWD so that they can perform the duties/responsibilities effectively. This person overtime may also be sent on state training courses for Public Works to learn more about the water/wastewater services.

Pay for this position will be determined by experience.

The time involved in this position would vary depending on the time/days needing off by the PWD. There may also be times when the PWD need assistance with their work and call upon the Public Works Sub to help them.

Individuals interested in this position can send in a resume stating their education, skills, experience, and references to the city building at PO Box 103 Ingalls KS. 67853.

This position will remain open till it is filled.